Brand Research

A brand is a very sophisticated psychological mechanism that helps to organise our life and relations with the world. Since the beginning of the goods exchange, we have had to use a choice strategy. Even now, when we buy products of no brand, as carrots or parsley, we do not go to any place, but if we can, we look for a shop that has already satisfied our requirements or the one whose products origin we know.

A brand is a mental construct existing in clients’ heads and we know how to conquer it. Our brand research responds to a variety of questions:

  • What is the brand position in comparison with the competition? Is it distinguished? Which aspects of competition brands do clients evaluate as better ones?
  • What qualities are attributed to our brand and to competition brands – functional, emotional, psychological (perception maps)?
  • Which elements do create the image of our brand?
  • Which values are identified with our brand?
  • Is our brand compatible with the world and the lifestyle of our target group?
  • Which needs does the brand satisfy?
  • Which are experiences with the brand?
  • Are the clients attached/loyal to the brand?
  • Is the marketing communication adjusted?