We are specialised in education research required by public institutions. Thanks to our experience and the number of done projects, we are the best at it.

 What and who do we study?

You can find in our portfolio:

  • Pilot studies, tests of tasks used in national studies
  • Knowledge and competence studies
  • Studies of conditions that influence results
  • Studies about the unification of external exams’ results
  • Studies of the curriculum functionality in school practice during all of the phases of education regarding different subjects
  • Research controls of educational studies carried out by other companies or schools
  • The evaluation of results and efficiency of teaching
  • The study of educational paths
  • The diagnosis of educational and professional consulting
  • The studies of costs for education
  • The studies of the conditioning educative decisions

We aim to improve the quality of education systems at different levels. We use the results of different type of research: politic, educational practice, management of public teaching. The conclusions form analyses are a useful method of diagnosis for both the ministry and schools. Moreover, they permit to monitor the current situation and react in a right moment to anomalies. In a wider perspective, the results are base for the plan and the management of activities that will improve the situation in an education system.

 A variety of interviewees participates in our projects, for example:

  • students
  • teachers
  • head-teachers
  • other school workers
  • parents
  • people who belong to school environment

How do we study?

 Education research is not a typical social study because it requires scientific procedures. We have prepared a special section of school research in order to meet expectations of our clients.

We achieve the high quality and the efficiency thanks to:

  • experts in different disciplines (scientists, teachers)
  • the net of over 200 interviewers who works in the whole country. Only experienced interviewers can participate in education research.
  • A group of experts in selection with interpersonal competences, remarkably efficient and honest in contact with interviewees
  • Experience of interviewers who have worked with us for many years
  • Lessons observers – a group of psychologists, sociologists and pedagogues who are selected with a maximum accuracy

The efficient management of projects is possible thanks to personalised author applications made on computer. The applications can be modified and developed according to client’s need.

The special training for selection experts and interviewers precedes the realisation of each project.

Procedures of control in each phase of research guarantee the high quality of our projects.