Image of a city/region

In everyday practice, being aware of opinions about the image of a city/region is very important for good functioning of autonomic authorities. The knowledge about the image is beneficial for residents and it provides the efficient management of the local society. What is more, it creates a fidelity to the autonomic authorities. The positive image of a city/region influences the interests in investments and tourism.

Image research can include all of the people interested in development of city/region.

Questions mentioned in the image research:

  • City/region associations
  • The most popular events, places of meeting and attractions
  • The sources and the access to information about a city/region
  • Development opportunities and obstacles
  • Accommodation, gastronomy, commerce
  • Public communication
  • The level of provided services
  • Originality

The collected data permit a multidimensional analysis of the image of a city/region. The conclusions can help to prepare a strategy of development and investment plans for many years. What is more, they can also identify the reasons of a negative image and as an effect change the unfavourable features of a city/region.